Statement of Aims

The overall aims of the Federation are to:

  • Be a happy school – a school to which the children will enjoy coming.
  • Affirm God’s love for every individual.
  • Help children to live together in a community, encouraging care for others before themselves and to become responsible, independent people.
  • Be a safe place in which mistakes can be made, learned from and forgiven.
  • Release the potential of every individual to enable them to reach the highest level of achievement of which they are capable and equip them for life.
  • To give every child the experience of success and a sense of personal value.
  • To broaden pupils’ horizons; to help develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally, to work with imagination and a sense of purpose.


Our goal, as a Federation of Church of England Primary schools, is to maintain and stretch the highest standards of academic achievement and personal development of all of our pupils in each of our schools.

Through a Christian ethos we will create a happy and fulfilling environment where children are encouraged to be kind and respectful, building self-confidence through challenge and encouragement.

We will achieve this by developing a Whole School Learning Community where teaching staff, pupils and parents increasingly work together. This Community will help us to implement plans in a coordinated way, aligning the energy and ideas of all.

We will extend the Learning Community concept by working with other local schools, openly sharing ideas and best practice, using the wider schools’ community to challenge us and successfully adapt to changes in the education environment.

We will aim to support our local communities and remain schools of choice for parents.