What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is providing over £450 million on improving Physical Education (PE) and Sport in primary schools over the next 3 academic years. Bodsham School received £16,910 in the year 2019/2020

Schools can choose how they use the funding to improve:                                                                  

  • the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity
  • the profile of PE and sport
  • the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE
  • the range of sports activities on offer to pupils
  • participation in competitive sport

At Bodsham we used our 2018/19 Sports Premium funding in the following ways:

  1. Employment of coaches from Elite Community Coaching to deliver weekly PE lessons alongside class teachers with a focus on team teaching and up-skilling of teachers to support their delivery of PE lessons.
  2. Sending teaching staff on Professional Development courses such as dance workshops to increase their skills and confidence.
  3. Participation in the Shepway School Games competition package.
  4. Participation in Rural Hub sports events.
  5. Running extra curricular clubs such as football, gymnastics and multi-sports.
  6. Introducing basic movement skills into the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  7. Subsidising costs of minibus travel to inter-school competitions and sports festivals such as speed stacking and pulse dance.
  8. Developing children as Change 4 Life ambassadors to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles.
  9. In Summer 2019 we plan to offer additional swimming sessions to our Year 6 pupils to maximise the number who are able to swim a minimum of 25m before they leave for secondary school.

Impact of Sports Premium Funding

·        Last year all children received weekly high quality sports coaching as part of the PE curriculum.

·        Children in Year R, 3 and 4 attended sports events outside school. Events for other year groups were cancelled due to Covid.

·        All children took part in virtual sporting events with the Shepway School Sports Partnership.

·        Children received workshops on keeping healthy and active with KIC Theatre.

·        After school multi-sports clubs were offered to all children.

We hope that this gives you an insight into the opportunities offered with the investment of the Sports Premium Funding. Perhaps Bodsham is already nurturing and up skilling the sportsmen and women of the future, maybe even Olympians!

Please click here for 2019- 2020 Bodsham Sport Premium Funding statement.