Reading Challenge

For every reading session you enjoy at home you will be awarded a credit. When you have completed your credit sheet you will be awarded a special certificate of achievement in Gold Book!

Literacy Homework

Our policy is to send home words to be learnt and a reading book to be read and enjoyed.

Reading Books

These are sent home at least 3 times a week and your child’s teacher holds the reading rota of these days. Accompanying the child’s reading book is a ‘reading record’. Not only is this used to keep track of the books read, it is also a means of commenting on your child’s reading. Please help us by making sure that you sign this record when you have shared a book with your child and feel free to add comments. If you have any concerns, please see the teacher rather than write them on the record.


These are all high-frequency key words that make up 75% of all reading. They will not be formally tested until Year 2 and should be in evidence through writing activities in school. The children will learn these in the following manner:

  •  Year R – 1 word per week
  • Year 1 – 5 words per week
  • Year 2 – 5-10 words per week

Please click to see how Phonics is taught at our school.


Children in Years 3 and 4 will continue to bring reading books home. In many cases the children will enjoy reading these books to themselves. Try to get them to tell you about what they are reading.

Some children will still need your support in hearing them read on a regular basis throughout the Juniors, helping to practice their reading skills, building up their self-confidence and reading for pleasure.


The children in years 3,4,5 and 6 also bring home spellings. Check with your child’s teacher if you are unsure which days ‘homework’ is sent and when it will be tested. Spellings are tested through dictation and/or word lists.

You can assist by helping your child find an effective way of learning his/her spellings. Give them as much encouragement as possible. Look say cover write check.

Give your child lots of praise