On Tuesday, the Woodpeckers went off to the Victorian schoolroom at Kent Life, Maidstone.  The teacher took the register and the children had to stand and give their surname, followed by the obligatory 'Sir'! The lesson began with handwriting and times tables drills. Fortunately, they were all very well behaved so no punishments were given out! They learnt more about life in a Victorian school, and the different lessons boys and girls would have. 

In the afternoon, we met local Victorian writer Charles Dickens.  He told us about his life and the reasons why he wrote some of his books.  The children then took part in an impromptu retelling of 'A Christmas Carol.'  Of course, we had to make time for cuddle corner and visit the owls too, and definitely made the most of the sunny weather.

Thank you mums and dads for the amazing costumes...don't they all look great!

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Woodpeckers Courageous Advocacy

We have joined TerraCycle to recycle cheese packaging, bread packaging (and we may join some others).

We will spend some lessons designing posters and writing a piece for the newsletter promoting this.  We will be using our newly honed skills in WORD to do this.  Guided Reading sessions Thurs and Fri will be spent researching the TerraCycle website.  The children will be responsible for packaging up and sending off the recycled packaging when we are full.

Our first box of bread packaging is on its way to Terracycle.  Please send us your bread and cheese packaging and we will do the rest!  Thank you 


World War 2 Topic - Evacuation Day

The Woodpeckers spent the day learning about how it would have felt for children who needed to be evacuated from their homes during World War 2. We travelled to Tenterden to ride on a steam train and got to meet a real life Spiv! Thank you to all parents for such amazing help with the historical costumes! Click on the pictures to enlarge them.