Welcome to the Sparrows Class!

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Life Cycles

We have loved watching our caterpillars growing in the Sparrows class, becoming a chrysalis and then hatching into beautiful butterflies. Now it's time to release them into our garden. They liked landing on us and staying very still, then we put them on the flowers and enjoyed watching their very long tongues drinking nectar. Magical!


Sparrows lead the whole school in worship

Sparrows class led worship was wonderful! The theme this term is to look at a range of Christian values and Sparrows helped the rest of the school think about about the meaning of the word 'courage'. We retold the story of David and Goliath, shared personal examples of bravery and used Makaton signing to share a message with the school  - "Be brave Bodsham School!"  Each year we run a courageous advocacy project, where as a class, we decide upon something we can do to make a positive difference. This year, the children are learning Makaton and finding out about how it can help people with communication difficulties. We were pleased to be able to share our new skill with the rest of the school. Well done Sparrows, we are all so proud of you!



CSI SParrows!

Oh No! Our golden sparrows have gone missing! Who has taken them? We used our police notebooks to write down all the clues we could see near where the sparrows hang. Seeds, twigs, feathers? A bird perhaps? Then we went to the garden to search for more clues. Some shiny things and bird poo! Great detective work Sparrows! 



Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Sparrows class listened to a story called 'The Dancing Dragon' and learnt about how Chinese people prepare for Chinese New Year and how they celebrate it. We learnt that a dragon dance is used to chase all the bad luck away so we made our own and took it on a walk around school. We had so much fun together and worked brilliantly as a team. We loved seeing our feet under the dragon when looked back at the videos and photos!


Feed the Birds!

In Sparrows class we have been thinking about why it is important to feed the birds in the Winter time. We have been using pinecones to make a winter treat for the birds and followed a sequence of instructions to create our feeders. We have found the perfect place to hang our pinecone feeders in our garden and it didn't take long until we spotted birds using them. We have been really excited to see so many different birds and have regularly topped up the feeders. We made a bird hide and kept really quiet, we soon saw more birds visiting our garden!


How to Catch a Gingerbread Man!

The Gingerbread Man ran so fast that Sparrows had to think of a clever way to catch him! They planned how to catch him and wrote instructions on how to make a trap. We followed our plans and used recycled materials in imaginative ways to create some amazing traps. We enjoyed testing them out!


Sparrows class have really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs. We found out how fossils are created and how they help us to learn new facts about dinosaurs. Mrs Stephens brought her fossil collection into school for us to explore and we made our own fossils from salt dough. We are hoping to see lots more fossils on our trip to Folkestone Museum - we have heard that there is dinosaur footprint for us to discover!