School Council

The School Council is comprised of two representatives from each year group from years one to six and meets regularly to discuss a variety of topics and issues that affect the school such as equipment, clubs, fundraising events and curriculum issues.

Each school council representative collects the views of those in their class and shares those views at the meetings; ensuring that the views of all children in the school are shared.  School Council representatives feedback the minutes from the meetings to their class. 

The children on the School Council have an important role to play in the daily running of the school and they take their role very seriously!  They listen to the needs and wants of the children in the school and report these back at School Council meetings, which are held at least once a term with the Deputy Headteacher. 
They have the responsibility of promoting and running some whole school events such as fundraising  activities and have the opportunity to give their views and ideas on how we run things.  Their views and ideas are taken on board and changes and initiatives based on these ideas are set up where possible.  Members of the School Council are passionate about the school and what happens here, they say things like –  “We want to help keep the school clean and tidy,” and “I love helping others and making fun decisions.”