Look at what the Owls got up to in 2021-22!


Writing Week

This week, for our Writing Week, the whole school has been working with the same book, ‘How to be a Lion’, by Ed Vere. In Owls, we spent time delving into the process of creating and bringing a character to life through writing. We then wrote formal and an informal letters from Marianne, developing our skills in writing for purpose and audience. We completed the week creating our own characters, as inspired by Ed’s lion, Leonard, and we wrote character profiles on them explaining how they show their unusual characteristics which challenge stereotypes.

Stone Age Clay Work

In art, we have been using clay to make sculptures inspired by one of the great masterpieces of late Stone Age art, the terracotta clay sculpture known as The Thinker (“Ganditorul”). It was unearthed in 1956, together with a similar statuette of a female figure known as The Sitting Woman of Cernavoda, during archaeological excavations of a Neolithic settlement and burial near Cernavoda in Romania.