See what the Woodpeckers got up to in 2021-22!


Courageous Advocacy 2022-23

The Woodpeckers are continuing to reduce and recycle packaging waste, in partnership with Terracycle.  In addition to all bread and cheese packaging, we are also a collection point for all your Pringle tins.  The collection points are in the Woodpeckers' Classroom.
We are just about to send off our second box of bread packaging, and our cheese packet box is nearly full!

Back to the Stone Age!

The Woodpeckers have been learning about The Stone Age.  They have made some beautiful necklaces out of clay, to look like bones and teeth. 


Stone Age Art

Take a look at the Art we have produced this year, inspired by our Stone Age Topic! Click the pictures to enlarge them.


Dover Museum Visit

The Woodpeckers Class visited Dover Museum today, as part of their learning about the periods of pre-history. They were hoping to find the answers to their questions about the discovery of the world's oldest sea-going vessel, found under Townwall Street in Dover in 1991.  Time was spent in the Bronze Age boat gallery, and making replica clay models.  

Lighthouse Building

Today we thought about how we could design and make a lighthouse. We learnt that the light goes on and off, to warn passing ships of dangerous rocks. We used our prior knowledge of circuits to make an electrical circuit to light the bulb. We investigated how to make a switch, so that the light could be turned on and off.


Tsunami in a Tray

The Woodpeckers have been learning about our Extreme Earth.  This week we found out about tsunamis and created information booklets.  We had fun outside, building a town out of multilink bricks and making a tsunami in a tray!