Look at what the Sparrows got up to last year!


Sparrow debates!

Snack time in Sparrows class has been the perfect time to practice our debating skills. Each day we take it in turns to answer a 'Would you rather...?' question while we enjoy a healthy snack. It has given us a fantastic opportunity to develop our communication skills and has helped us to learn how to 'disagree well'.  In this example, we discussed if you would rather be covered in jam, soaked in water or pulled through the mud by a dog. We listened to some very creative answers which inspired some children to change their minds. Which one would you choose and why?



Another debate - Would you rather?

We have been using our snack time to talk about a 'Would you rather...?' question to help the children share ideas and develop listening skills. This supports them in disagreeing well, so they can recognise that everyone has different ideas.
Today's question comes from our topic of life cycles where we have caterpillars and tadpoles growing in the classroom. The children were asked 'Would you rather look after a caterpillar or a tadpole?'
Here were some of the children's ideas:-
Vlad - I would like to look after a caterpillar so I can watch it crawl all over the school.
Elise - I would like to look after a tadpole because they swim in the water.
Frankie - I would like to look after a caterpillar because I want it to turn into a butterfly.
Rafik - I want to look after a caterpillar so I can see what colour it turns into.





Making a difference!

Each year we run a courageous advocacy project where we decide upon something we can do to make a positive difference. This year, Sparrows Class are helping to improve the lives of elderly people and we hope that our small acts of kindness will make them smile. We have already made and sent Christmas cards to the residents at Brambles Care Home in Wye and plan to hold a bake sale to raise money for Age UK. 


A Windy Day in Sparrows!

Sparrows class enjoy learning outside whatever the weather. This mini project on windmills was inspired by a windy day at Bodsham. We learnt how to make pinwheels and the excitement grew as we waited for a big gust of wind to make our pinwheels spin!




Our Wonderful Walk

We had such a wonderful time on our walk in the local area. We followed a simple map to find the farm, woodlands and the post box. During our walk we posted a special postcard to our families and met Donks the donkey - he was beautiful!


Happy Pancake Day

Sparrows class always enjoy a cooking session. Great co-operation and concentration resulted in some very tasty pancakes! We had a special job of frying the pancakes for the traditional Bodsham house team pancake race. They were so well made that they all stayed in one piece, even after being flipped many times! Well done Sparrows!