Signs of Spring

The Robins have been looking for signs of spring and designed their own books showing their observations. Click to view the full picture!


Book Week 2022

Today, as part of our Book Week celebrations, the Robin’s class were visited by Illustrator Helen Janik-Foreman.  She supported the children in creating their own mix media illustrations for our English unit book “The Dragon Machine.” First the children created their own Dragons using pastels, paints, fabrics and papers.  Then they collected leaves, herbs and flowers to build up a wilderness scene for a new part of the story.  The children’s work has now been taken away to be digitally enhanced and turned into books for the children to add to.

Toys in the Past

The Robins class are learning about how toys have changed from the past.  Today, we had some very special visitors; a grandmother and a mum of one of our children.  They brought in lots of artefacts for us to look at and touch.  Some of the toys were over one hundred years old.  We were surprised to learn about the different materials they were made of including papier mache and straw. Click to enlarge the pictures!

Beany Museum

The Robins class visited the Beany Museum, Canterbury to find out more about toys from the past.  The children looked at and handled artefacts donated to the museum including a Victorian doll and puppets made for productions of Bagpuss.  The children then had the opportunity to create their own marbles out of clay.