At Bodsham CEP School, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum. Please click on the links below to find out all the fun things each class will be studying this year:

Every child is valued in our school and we invest much in all levels of ability.  All classes have skilled teaching assistants who help support teaching and learning.

Pupils are supported and encouraged to develop their thinking skills and resilience in learning.  The use of a variety of approaches including Bloom’s Taxonomy and Philosophy for Children encourages the development of enquiry based learning, deep thinking and a love of learning.  Our aim is that all children, whatever their ability, are secure in basic skills with a growing confidence to reason, particularly in mathematics and are able to apply their skills in problem solving (Mastery).

When children join the school they are introduced to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through a stimulating range of activities.  Children start the National Curriculum through a stimulating range of activities.  Children start the National Curriculum in Year 1 and this is taught throughout the school.

Please click to see how Phonics is taught at our school.

 A large element of fun is added through themed days and week.  Together with this we are regularly visited by theatre groups and workshops who add a lively dimension to our school day.     

All classes take part in trips and activities linked to curriculum areas of study.  In recent years classes have visited  Dover Museum and Canterbury Cathedral.  Our Year 6 pupils participate in a residential trip to Bowles each year to take part in activities such as abseiling, rock climbing and dry slope skiing.  This trip helps to develop self-esteem, creating more confident young people.

2014 National Curriculum

In September 2014, a new National Curriculum was issued for primary and secondary schools.
All local authority primary and secondary schools have to start teaching the new national curriculum from the start of September 2014.  The rewritten national curriculum, described by the prime minister as “rigorous, engaging and tough”, sets out the framework for what children should be taught between the ages of five and 14.  Former education secretary Michael Gove has said changes were necessary for England to keep pace with the most successful education systems in the world.
The Department for Education said the reforms reflected the government’s desire to “ensure every child leaves school prepared for life in modern Britain”.

Please click on the link below to see a parent’s guide to the new national curriculum.
Parents Guide to the National Curriculum