Welcome to the Woodpeckers class!

We are a mixed Year 3 & 4 class and we do lots of exciting activities. We work really hard to try to be independent thinkers and learners and excellent team workers! We have many exciting learning adventures planned for the year ahead and can’t wait to show everyone how much we have learnt.

Autumn Newsletter (September 2018)

Spring Newsletter (January 2019)

Summer Newsletter (May 2019)

In Term 1, we have been busy learning about The Stone Age.  We have made bone and shell necklaces, coil pots, experienced dyeing wool and cloth (making natural dyes), making Stone Age tools and designing Stone Age menus.  Look at our creative homework on display too – from the latest Stone Age fashion to a range of houses used throughout the Stone Age periods.

The Woodpeckers visited Dover Museum as part of their topic studies from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.  We had an opportunity to see the 3500 year old ‘Dover boat’, and took part in a clay workshop to make our own models, complete with cargo, such as: cloth, Beaker pots and spelt.

In an artefact handling session, we were able to pass around a part of a woolly mammoth’s molar – it was quite heavy!  We also handled some flint, and some bronze tools and axes.

“The Woodpeckers Class have been learning about Greek myths.  The children wrote and performed a Class Assembly to their parents, including a rap to introduce some Greek Gods.  We have all written our own Greek myth too!”

We continue to enjoy weekly guitar lessons with Mr Clarke.  Today he brought his electric guitar and amp in.  After a quick ‘jam’ with Jack, we were able to try out the electric guitar too!  We have also enjoyed celebrating our musical Woodpeckers, with performances in Worship this term.

The Woodpeckers visited Three Hills Sports Centre last week, to participate in a Badminton Tournament.  We were delighted to have two teams medal with Gold and Silver.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even if they did ache a bit the next day!

“Woodpeckers Class visited Canterbury yesterday.  At the Roman Museum they learnt about Roman Canterbury, and completed a mosaic to take home.  In the afternoon, they joined Julius the Roman Soldier in a brass rubbing treasure hunt in the Westgate Gardens!   We even found the starting point of Old Watling Street in the park.”



Roman Invasion at Bodsham!

A ‘century’ of Woodpeckers – charging in the tortoise shape, or ‘testudo’.  This was used by Roman soldiers, to ward off incoming arrows!

The Woodpeckers are enjoying learning about earthquakes and volcanoes.  Yesterday’s task was to build a two-storey building that would be strong and flexible enough to withstand an earthquake (tested on a bed of jelly!).

Come and see our display in the hall:  We thank you God for……..