Welcome to the Robins class!

We are the Year 1 and 2 class and we enjoy working together as a team. We value our friends and strive to be kind to each other. We try our best and work hard to improve in all areas of our learning. There are always lots of exciting activities going on both inside the classroom, and outside in our lovely school grounds. We are very lucky to be working and playing in such beautiful surroundings.

Autumn Newsletter (September 2018)

Spring Newsletter ( January 2019)

Summer Newsletter (May 2019)

This term we have been learning all about transport. We have found out about the first cars and the history of flight. We enjoyed visiting the Dover Transport Museum, comparing old vehicles with ones that are around today. In our Literacy, we have been reading Mrs Armitage on Wheels, then using this as inspiration to design our own vehicles with crazy attachments, like showers, teapots, and rocket boosters. As well as this we have enjoyed writing stories about the first flight, Bazooka Roller Skates, and magical journeys.


This year we have some new class members. Fluffy and Twix are Giant African Land Snails, and we have been finding out how to look after them and what their habitat is like.



We have enjoyed exploring the creation story, thinking about how God might want people to look after the world. We linked this with our harvest theme and have been showing gratitude for all God’s gifts.

Spring Term 2019

This term the whole school have been thinking about Space in their science and topic lessons.  The Robins class have been finding out how to make rockets travel further using straw rockets and our breath as thrust, testing materials to see which would be useful to make a space suit, and discovering that the earth is made up of several layers.  We enjoyed using playdoh and marbles to build up the layers of the earth.  We then completed homework tasks to see if we could find out what other planets were like and whether they had layers.  We created some beautiful and clever models to show what we had discovered.

We have been studying dinosaurs this term in our science work, looking at the work of palaeontologists and trying out some of the tasks they would carry out. We have measured dinosaur footprints, examined dinosaur ‘poo’, looked at the shape of teeth, and learnt how fossils are formed. To finish of our work we created a museum with exhibits, signs, and information, creating our own theories from the evidence we have found. We had lots of fun sharing our exhibits with the other classes and our mums and dads who came to see it too.