Welcome to the Owls class!


We are a mixed year 5/6 class who like to show how responsible we can be in and out of class at school. We are really excited about the year ahead. Please read below for the highlights of our year so far, including photos and please don’t forget to come back soon for updates.

Year 5 Autumn Newsletter (September 2018)

Year 5 Spring Newsletter (January 2019)

Year 6 Autumn Newsletter (September 2018)     

Year 6 Spring Newsletter (September 2019)

Owls Class have been very, very busy this term.

Year 6 had a wonderful and adventurous week at Bowles, an outdoor activity centre near Tunbridge Wells. Everybody had a lot of fun, facing up to a variety of challenges, especially staying away from home for 4 nights! 

Year 5 have become Sports Leaders! They have now all been trained and are ready to lead games and sporting events each playtime. They are looking forward to encouraging younger children to join in and to make sure everybody has a good playtime! Look out for them on the playground after the half-term holiday.

In our topic lessons, we have been finding out about the Anglo Saxons. We have looked at where they came from, why they came and investigated where they lived – looking for clues within place names to identify them. We then used the skills we have learnt in SketchUp (a 3-d computer design program) to make virtual Anglo-Saxon houses.

In RE, we have been exploring the Christian beliefs about God, looking at bible stories, church architecture and art. We thought about our own beliefs, culminating in designing a church based on these.

We have based our art this term on both our RE and Anglo Saxon topic. We found out about the Lindisfarne gospels and the art from this period, using this to design and make our own cross-stich embroidery in a similar design.



In Literacy, Year 6 pupils have been working with recounts. We have explored fiction and non-fiction recounts, personal and impersonal recounts, and recounts which build suspense and tension – and we have applied this learning when writing about our experiences at Bowles. We have enjoyed presenting both our writing in our Bowles Assembly and our book reviews earlier on in September. Year 5 have spent time reading the epic story, Beowulf, and have completed a variety of activities based on this old English text. We then went travelling around the world, finding out about wondrous places and using our research to create our very own book, ‘Year 5 Owls’ – the Real Wonders of the World’.

In Numeracy, pupils have been strengthening their place value skills by deepening their understanding, applying it to a variety of problems, and building their reasoning skills to explain their thinking and working. We have also been working on our number and operation skills; we have been developing our understanding and use of written methods and then applying these is increasingly tricky multi-step word problems.

Presentation of Biographies at Hastingleigh War Memorial.

As part of the local commemorations to marks 100 years since the ending of the Great War, Bodsham School were asked to find out about local men who lost their lives during this conflict. Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 5 have been undertaking a lot of research and have written biographies about these thirteen fallen soldiers.

Today Year 5 travelled to Hastingleigh , where we visited the war memorial. We were able to see the names of the soldiers who we had found out about during our research. Two children laid a wreath at the memorial, on behalf of Bodsham School and we spent a few moments thinking quietly about those who died during the Great War.

We then returned to Evington village hall, where we presented our written biographies of the local soldiers to Mrs Block and local councillors. We each read out the biographies of the soldiers, before placing them on Perspex silhouettes of the thirteen soldiers. These will be in the village hall on Sunday and will then be positioned around Hastingleigh and Elmsted in memory of the soldiers. We also placed hand painted poppies on to each soldier.

The Woodpeckers visited Dover Museum as part of their topic studies from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.  We had an opportunity to see the 3500 year old ‘Dover boat’, and took part in a clay workshop to make our own models, complete with cargo, such as: cloth, Beaker pots and spelt.

In an artefact handling session, we were able to pass around a part of a woolly mammoth’s molar – it was quite heavy!  We also handled some flint, and some bronze tools and axes.