Welcome to the Owls class!


We are a mixed year 5/6 class who like to show how responsible we can be in and out of class at school. We are really excited about the year ahead. Please read below for the highlights of our year so far, including photos and please don’t forget to come back soon for updates.

Year 5 Autumn Newsletter – September 2019

Year 6 Autumn Newsletter – September 2019

St Anselm’s Science Masterclass- 

We were very lucky to be visited by teachers and students from St Anselm’s School to run a variety of activities. These included:-

  • Testing acid and alkalis using different liquids, with a universal indicator and pH scale
  • Rainbow layering, using coloured solutions with differing densities of sugar water, to create a test-tube of layered liquids
  • Skittle diffusion – where we put different coloured skittled in water and observed how their colours diffused into the water at different rates.
  • Using microspores to observe the differences between plant and animal cells
  • Chromatography – exploring the different components of ink



Today  was the day that the rest of the school came to visit our museum, followed by our  friends and family. We spent time setting up our presentations and artefacts in the hall and the ICT suite and prepared ourselves. When the visitors came in, we had to talk about our projects, explaining the research undertaken, how we created the artefacts and answer many questions. We were all very confident and every visitor to our museum was impressed by our projects, knowledge and ability to discuss our areas of interest with confidence.


We were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from local musician Trevor Wye and four of his budding musical students from around the world. Not only did we enjoy several multi-part pieces of music played by the students on their flutes,  we were also treated to a wealth of knowledge from Trevor himself about his wide collection of flutes. He showed us many different kinds of flutes, including some which are hundreds of years old, some that are very rare, and some that he has made himself.  He shared lots of fantastic information with us, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. ​