Welcome to the Butterflies Class!

We are a class of Year R children. We have lots of fun in our class and develop the skills we need to learn both in our Reception year and beyond.

We enjoy learning and working together as a team, we learn from and support each other, both inside and outside the classroom. Lots of the things we do are linked to a cross-curricular termly topic; we often make art and look at books and pictures, which inspire us with our Literacy and Numeracy work too. We love looking for numbers and shapes all around us and in our lives at school and at home.   



We like role play activities and learning about different people and places, we also enjoy using technology in our classroom. We follow the Letters and Sounds scheme for phonics and we love learning our sounds with songs and actions! We have lots of different areas to use in our classroom that help us learn and we also have a great outdoor learning space. We love to play and learn together in our beautiful Bodsham surroundings!

Autumn (September 2019) Newsletter

We have been such busy Butterflies this term!


We love being outside and spending time in our garden each day. We have been busy looking after the beautiful outdoor space we have and working hard to keep it tidy. We cleaned out our flower beds to get ready for spring and enjoyed raking up all the leaves from our giant Bodsham tree.  Whilst doing this we found some sleepy ladybirds and decided to put them somewhere safe! We always look after the tiny creatures we find!

We made space for the new bulbs to grow and we are measuring the growth and observing changes each week. We have collected so many leaves that and thought it was a great idea to make a compost heap which we could use later on in the year. One of our favourite things to do is to build dens using the things we find and we have got really good at it too. We also made a rope bridge and learnt how to climb our tree safely! Great teamwork by everybody working together.

We are now very confident with many letter sounds and moving quickly on to on learning all of the digraphs too.  We do this in many fun ways and one of our favourite things to do is to make them out of Play-Doh! When we were exploring the digraph ‘sh’ we had great fun being sheep and sheep dogs outside and for ‘ch’ we enjoyed being a giant train and painting with chocolate paint!


We are now starting to do some super writing to! Here we are having great fun playing a secret code game where we had to make words from letters and write them as a secret code!

We have also been learning how to add two numbers and enjoyed writing our sums on the playground. We have also been learning about more and less and as part of this we enjoyed having a tea party for the tiger who came to tea with real food which helped us to practise all of our skills we have learnt so far of adding counting and using mathematical language.


We love sharing books and telling stories! Sometimes we act them out and use musical instruments for each of the characters. Here we are retelling the story of Sydney spider. We had to think about the sounds we would use for each animal as it came along the path to meet the spider.

We love to learn about the world and have explored the animals of the polar regions through play. We were sad to hear about the Australian bush fires and we decided to set up our own animal rescue centre and spoke about how we could care for the animals and people.


This term we were really lucky to go on our first sports trip to the Three Hills sports park in Folkestone. We took part in many activities such as curling, cricket, rugby, speed stacking, bowling and football. Great fun had by all!