We are a Church School

Bodsham School becomes a place of worship on Sundays – closely associated with the other nearby village churches that make up the newly coined term for this group of Churches; ‘The Parish Upon the Hills’. These include St Bartholemew’s in Waltham, St Mary’s in Hastingleigh and St James The Great in Elmsted.


The school, although a maintained school, has a Church of England “aided” status.  This means that the Church nominates the majority of Governors.  We consider it reasonable to assume that parents who send their children here are sympathetic to the Christian character of the school.  We regularly attend our church for worship for special festivals such as Harvest, Christmas, and Easter and Ascension. Rev Lorraine Lawrence is a regular visitor to our school leading our acts of worship every other week. The Governors are responsible for the running of the school and regularly meet to discuss the development of the school.  The school retains strong links with the Kent County Council but is directed by the Canterbury Diocesan Board of Education.

Although Bodsham School is Voluntary Controlled its governance is through the Federation.

Our roots are firmly planted in the Church of England. Messy Church is held in school on the second Sunday of each month at 10am.


Towards the end of 2015 the school reviewed the key Christian values on which we were to focus.  Parents, pupils and staff were involved in this through a questionnaire.  The outcomes were discussed at a joint meeting of Staff and Governors in January 2016.

As a result of this the Federation decided to embrace three key Christian values:

Love, Creativity and Strength. 

Each value also emphasises the qualities of each part of the Trinity.

Each of the key values have been subdivided into different aspects such as love into friendship, compassion, kindness and respect: creativity into curiosity and wisdom and strength into resilience, courage and self-discipline.  Each theme is clearly linked to a Bible story and a “big question” such as, “Are people who are happy more thankful than those who are not?”

Here we are enjoying, celebrating and demonstrating our values: embedded during work and play.

Class 1 enjoyed creating Bible story pictures.

“We show creativity in our lessons by working together using different materials to illustrate the story”

“We show strength because we keep going and never give up” Sophie, Class 3

“We show love by listening to each others ideas” William, Class 3.

“We show love by caring for our friends” Chloe, Class 3.

We firmly believe that academic success is just one part of our school and we aim to develop our pupils in all areas.  We place a high priority on children behaving in a respectful way to adults and their peers and we consider that every child is special.

In addition the themes are nurtured in different ways.  This includes:

  • Our daily act of worship
  • Class and school displays
  • In reflection corners
  • In our spiritual garden
  • In our wide ranging acts of charitable giving
  • In our positive interactions with and between all members of the school and local community
  • In our focus on skills for learning and in particular resilience and perseverance.

We firmly believe that academic success is just one part of our school and we aim to develop our pupils in all areas.  We place a high priority on children behaving  in a respectful way to adults and their peers and we consider that every child is special.

The pupils demonstrate a huge compassion for those less fortunate than themselves and have raised considerable sums over the past few years for local, national and international charities.  Many of the events have been organised by the pupils themselves including a recent after school sale of home made goodies for the Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary.  They have also been involved in Blue Peter fund raising, Red Nose Day and Children in Need to name but a few.


The children have a secure understanding of the Trinity.  They have been involved in creating a banner which illustrates this:  children within the school designed the illustrations that show God the Father and God the Son.  Each child brought in a white button which was sewn on to a white dove to show God the Holy Spirit.


We celebrate Christian Festivals each year including:


Our Harvest Festival service is held yearly at Elmsted Church and parents are welcome to attend. We invite the children to bring gifts that will be presented and blessed during the service.  For many years the gifts have been distributed by Porchlight.



The children lead this act of worship in church. Nearly all families join their children for this service.


We often mark Lent with some act of self-sacrifice. Activities have included Lent Boxes, collecting coins for WaterAid for example.


Easter is always celebrated at Bodsham School culminating with an end of term service at church led by the children.


We start the day with a service to celebrate Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, as described in Luke Chapter 24 v 51. Following this the whole school carries out activities in the community.


Saints’ Days are also celebrated, as appropriate.


Themes for 2017-18:

Terms 1 & 2 – Celebration!

Terms 3 & 4 – Community & Creativity

Terms 5 & 6 – Responding to Christianity

Messy Church

Messy Church takes place on the second Sunday of each month in the school hall from 10am.  Why not join us for an hour of craft and a short talk and a great cooked tea.